Hometown Hero 2017

The Northeast Tarrant County Chamber recognized Mid-Cities Care Corps volunteer, Ron Sullivan, as Our Hometown Hero 2017 !   Ron has been a dedicated MCCC driver for 18 years, providing transportation for seniors to medical appointments and social outreach events.  There have been many times when Ron has driven up to four or five senior neighbors at one time.  Volunteers provide their vehicle, gas and time.  Ron is an invaluable volunteer for Mid-Cities Care Corps!


Ron Sullivan (pictured second from left). Photo Credit: @MikeLewisPhoto ;  Presenters Larry Brown, Super Bowl XXX MVP;  Michael Burgess, Congressman @MichaelBurgess ; Jack Bradshaw, President and CEO of @NortheastTarrantChamber @JackBradshaw.

If you have 3 hours per month to spare, please consider volunteering for one of the many programs MCCC offers to senior residents by visiting or contacting us at 817-282-0531.

Protecting Seniors from Scams

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Protecting Seniors from Scams


Scam artists from all walks of life are coming out of the woodwork in droves, posing as Tech Support, Tax Accountants, Auditors, Appraisers, Financial Advisors, etc.   Who gets scammed the most?   Surprisingly enough, it isn’t always seniors.  Of the victims who continued interacting with scammers from a Microsoft survey conducted last fall, half were millennials (ages 18-34).  Still, nearly 20% were adults 55 and older.

If you or someone you know receives a call or an email from someone identifying themselves as a technician with Microsoft, Google, Apple or some other well-known technology company, it is likely to be a scam.  “Just hang up the phone,” said Frank Abagnale, renowned security expert and AARP Fraud Watch Network Ambassador. “The large computer firms never make proactive calls or send email to provide unrequested technical support.  Executing the scam via telephone, email or even pop-up ads, the scammers inform a targeted person that a virus or some other security problem has been detected on the victim’s computer, and offer to make a repair.  Instead, their goal is to gain control of the computer, access personal files and passwords, and obtain credit card information to charge the consumer for the supposed repair or a warranty program — which proves to be worthless.”

Abagnale advises consumers never to give control of their computer to a third party, nor to provide a credit card number to pay for unsolicited repair services or warranty programs.

For more tips about how to keep yourself safe from technical support scammers, visit the new Fraud Watch Network web page at:

It helps to stay informed so that we can take preventative measures for ourselves and our loved ones.  For more information on popular scams, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) has provided a description of the top ten scams targeting seniors


SOURCE AARP, PRNewswire-USNewswire

“Toughness is in the soul and spirit, and not in muscles” – Alex Karras

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“Toughness is in the soul and spirit, and not in muscles” – Alex Karras

Each January, people tend to be weary from holiday festivities that took place over the past two months.  This is no different for senior citizens.  However, our bodies are our temples and should be treated with care.  Aging adults may or may not be able to run a 5K or perform repetitions of pushups, but there are always options to keep moving.  Most aging adults struggle with the vicious cycle of complacency due to the inability to move in the manner they were accustomed to because of joint problems, heart issues, arthritis and more.  This is why good circulation and muscle stability are key factors for ensuring long-term mobility.

Brenda Munden, owner of Fun Size Fitness and Keller, TX resident is a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach who is not only focused on helping people achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals, but is also very passionate about providing positive solutions for senior citizens.  This is why Mid-Cities Care Corps has invited Brenda to attend the next Senior Social with MCCC on January 17th to share some techniques and tips that seniors can use to keep moving and stay healthy.   Brenda is known for her contagious upbeat personality which is why her clients get excited and energized about their journey to healthy living and maintaining a life-style to ensure long-term success.


Brenda inspires those around her to find balance and embrace faith, family, fitness and nutrition.  When she is not running her own business, you can find Brenda at Battleground Fitness where she continues to train loyal clients or on the web sharing health and fitness tips with humor.  Don’t miss Brenda’s video series this month on Facebook and Twitter.


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Fa La La La La

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The Christmas Social was filled with singing, laughter and fellowship. Our senior citizen clients are sure to be in the Christmas spirit now. We send our love and gratitude to all of our volunteers who put together such an amazing Social Outreach event. MCCC wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

Holiday Outreach Is In Full Swing

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Holiday Outreach Is In Full Swing

Thanks to our volunteers, we were able to collect an abundance of food and gifts to be distributed to many young-at-heart seniors in Northeast Tarrant County who may not otherwise experience the spirit of the season. On December 10th, Mid-Cities Care Corps volunteers will meet at First United Methodist in Colleyville to wrap gifts, assemble food items  and deliver bags to a long list of seniors who need support. This program continues to lift spirits to local seniors during a busy holiday season that leaves many feeling secluded.  Learn more about MCCC and how you can get involved by by contacting us, subscribing to our newsletter, following us on Twitter or liking our Facebook Page.

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