Meet the Staff

Duane Bio Pic

How He Works:

Duane is the Captain to our Boat here at Mid-Cities Care Corps.  He can usually be found keeping everything running and on track, which involves a lot of neat meetings with neat people.  He can be recognized by his quick laugh, welcoming smile, and open door.

How He Plays:

Woodworking.  That’s all for now.  Oh, and spoiling his granddaughter Grace in Columbus, Ohio every chance he gets.

Fun Fact:

Duane was the MVP on his high school basketball team that had a record of 3-19.

Julie Bio Pic 2

How She Works:

Julie coordinates our programs and volunteer participation.  She can usually be found on the other end of phone calls and emails.  She can be recognized by her vast knowledge of our organization and close connection with our young-at-heart seniors.

How She Plays:

Julie LOVES to dance to Zumba and stay active.  She is an avid gardener and spends a lot of her weekend with her hands in the dirt.  She also enjoys going on long walks up the neighborhood with her goofy husband and daughter and their two almost-as-goofy mutts.  When she’s not doing that, this social butterfly is usually chattin’ with one of her many friends at church and in Austin.  She loves serving God and loving people—and vice versa too!

Fun Fact:

She knows plant names better than country names.





Mallory Bio Pic 2How She Works:

Mallory manages all of our social media, E-blast, and newsletter communications.  She can usually be found compiling pictures and stories, taking pictures at job sites, and answering the phones.  North Texas Giving Day is her current area of expertise.  She can be recognized as the only college student in the office.

How She Plays:

Mallory loves all things books, especially classic ones.  Her area of expertise lies in reading and napping on the couch, but she also enjoys running half marathons, baking desserts, doing puzzles, knitting, and singing off-key to music.  In her future spare time, Mallory would like to travel the world.  She graduated from Baylor in May with a degree in history and classics and will be moving to Nawlins (that is, New Orleans) in August to attend Tulane’s Masters in Classics program.  Sic ‘Em Bears!

Fun Fact:

Mallory knows a lot about Disney movies, far too much about Lord of the Rings, and even more about Harry Potter.

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