Door 2 Door

Posted by on June 9, 2016 in Helping Hands, News

Door 2 Door

Bill and Peggy feel like they have many reasons to be grateful.  Although some health problems forced them to give up their Social Outreach and office involvement, that has not stopped them from staying connected with Mid-Cities Care Corps.  A MCCC volunteer, Wes from Fellowship of the Parks, still cuts their lawn regularly and, just recently, MCCC volunteers Larry and David replaced their worn front door.  While they were working on the door, Bill and Peggy talked about how they first got in touch with MCCC and how appreciative they are.

After another service for seniors couldn’t put a wheelchair ramp in front for Bill, a friend referred them to MCCC.  Bill said that MCCC volunteers had the wheelchair ramp half done before he was even up and about that day.  MCCC has been able to continue assisting them through the Helping Hands program.  Peggy shared that they had not even submitted a request for the front door.  Wes, the volunteer who mows their lawn, saw their need and submitted the request on their behalf.

In Bill’s own words, MCCC has been “more help to me than anyone else has ever been,” and they tell everyone about MCCC.

Bill & Peggy Picture

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