A Simple Lunch

Posted by on June 20, 2016 in Featured News & Events, News, Transportation

A Simple Lunch

Ms. Faye had not had an easy year by the time MCCC volunteer Ben pulled up to take her to an eye appointment.  A recent fall had resulted in a bandaged wrist and the use of a walker.  Still, she was talkative and cheerful as they drove to her eye appointment, even when a typo in the address made them half an hour late.  She persevered through the long wait time at the appointment too.  After about an hour of waiting, Ms. Faye became concerned that her blood sugar was becoming dangerously low, since she had not eaten breakfast before leaving her home.  The doctor rushed her back and through her appointment.  As they left the eye doctor, Ben suggested that they get something to eat before returning home.  Ms. Faye was more than pleased with the idea and the driver-client duo had lunch at Cracker Barrel.  After a successful day and a delicious lunch, Ben returned Ms. Faye to her apartment, where they were greeted joyfully by her two dogs, her only companions at home.

MCCC volunteer Ben was amazed at her strength and persistence with a cheerful attitude, despite her difficult circumstances and health problems.  Ben has not had the opportunity to see Ms. Faye since then, but he remains grateful that MCCC gave him the opportunity to meet this wonderful client and still keeps her on his mind and in his prayers.

We are grateful to Ben, who went above and beyond with Ms. Faye, and our other volunteers for their dedicated and inspirational service and to our clients, who enrich our lives every day.

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