A Strawberry Shake and…Butter?

Posted by on May 26, 2016 in News, Transportation

A Strawberry Shake and…Butter?


What a difference even a strawberry shake can make!  Grady, a client of MCCC, lived alone in his house until a series of strokes made it necessary for him to move to assisted living.  Rob, an MCCC volunteer, had driven Grady to his doctors’ appointments and befriended him.  After he made the transition to assisted living, Rob wanted to follow-up with Grady and contacted MCCC to find out where he was.  Rob’s interest gave MCCC the opportunity to partner with Eddie from Guardian Services, who was on vacation in Portugal at the time, to reconnect Rob and Grady.  They were able to arrange a visit for Grady and Rob and the strawberry shake that he brought for Grady.  The two have reconnected and will have more visits in the future, along with Rob’s dachshund/pug mix, Mr. Butter.  Certainly, Grady will have more strawberry shakes to look forward to in the future.  We are grateful to Eddie and Guardian Services for their work in the community, their shared concern for Grady’s welfare, and their efforts to reconnect the pair.


Mr. Butter

Mr. Butter and Rob’s Granddaughter

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