When A Screwdriver Becomes A Shower Fixture

Posted by on October 8, 2015 in Helping Hands, News

When A Screwdriver Becomes A Shower Fixture

Carol With Plumbers

Carol is one of those people who approach life with a genuinely thankful spirit. She is so friendly and upbeat that you quickly forget that she is legally blind, or that she is caring for her adult daughter who is immobilized by Parkinson’s disease. It’s no wonder that Carol has become a favorite among the volunteers of Mid-Cities Care Corps during the 12 years we’ve been blessed to serve her.

Carol was home recovering from back surgery when two of our volunteers called on her recently for her twice-yearly Safety For Seniors inspection. This new initiative of MCCC is a proactive approach to maintaining a safer home environment for our senior clients. Our volunteers make sure there are fresh batteries in the smoke detectors, clean filters in the HVAC equipment, working lightbulbs and inspect for leaks, tripping hazards and other potential dangers.

On this recent visit, our volunteers found that the kitchen sink disposal had stopped working, clogging the sink and creating a leak in the wall under the sink. They also found that the shower valve was not functioning properly and Carol was using a screwdriver to turn the shower on and off. These were issues that clearly needed attention. Unfortunately, problems like these require the services of a skilled plumber, and plumbers can get quite expensive.

It is discouraging when a problem like Carol’s requires a certified technician and our budget does not have the necessary funds to proceed. MCCC has been blessed with a donation to establish a fund designated for just such situations. We are calling the new account Helping Hands–Plus and are hopeful it will attract additional donations to help fix problems that are beyond the capabilities of our Helping Hands volunteers.

We are also building relationships with companies willing to team together with MCCC to help senior neighbors like Carol. Strain Plumbing was called to make the necessary repairs for Carol. She now has a new disposal and the standing water is gone from her kitchen sink. Oh, and the screwdriver that had become a fixture in her shower is now back in the toolbox where it belongs.

(If you would like to support our new Helping Hands–Plus effort with a donation, you can do so right now by pressing the gold Donate button on this web page. Thank you for your consideration.)


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