Helping Hands

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Helping Hands

The HELPING HANDS program coordinates volunteer assistance for senior neighbors who are physically and/or financially unable to tend to minor repairs at their residence. Helping Hands services typically tend to exterior maintenance on a client owned residence.

Helping Hands services include:

  • Minor Home Repairs tend to simple needs for clients with a particular focus on safety related needs to preserve their independence and enable seniors to remain in their residence as long as possible. An inquiry to the MCCC office would determine if MCCC is capable of tending to a specific repair need. MCCC welcomes volunteers with skills and time to support this service outreach. The 4th Thursday Helping Hands Service Day is a regularly scheduled monthly outreach when MCCC volunteers, big boys that love big toys, team together to lend a helping hand to do “minor home repairs” for seniors in the community.
  • Wheelchair Ramp & Grab Bars Installations are done by a group of dedicated MCCC volunteers when mobility or stability becomes an issue for a client. MCCC is blessed to have a dedicated group of volunteers we affectionately refer to as the “GANG” who are experienced and generous with their commitment to addressing such needs.
  • Adopt-A Yard service is for senior neighbors who are physically or financially unable to maintain their yards. Volunteers adopt a client’s yard through the growing season and tend to mowing every other week or as dictated by the growing season. MCCC can provide a lawn mower if necessary. This is an excellent group volunteer opportunity for families, bible study groups, youth organizations, and businesses teaming as one unit to assist a senior throughout the season.
  • Group Service Days provide an opportunity for church, youth, civic, and business groups to team together for a community service day. Helping Hands needs requested by clients are coordinated with groups based upon the number of volunteers, age, skill set, and schedule of the volunteer group. Group Service days require a volunteer coordinator from the group to be the interface with MCCC with responsibilities of coordinating the volunteer efforts of the group.

Client inquiries regarding specific helping hand needs should be directed to the MCCC office to determine MCCC’s ability to address.

The Helping Hand program provides volunteer opportunities to “bridge the generations”. Volunteer opportunities exist for all ages providing a first-hand appreciation of the growing needs of the senior demographics in our communities. The priceless reward is the genuine thank you and occasional hug from the senior served.  Volunteers interested in supporting this outreach are always welcomed to join these efforts.   

All MCCC Helping Hands services are provided by caring volunteers. Needs that require a certified technician (electrical, plumbing, heating A/C, etc.) and/or extensive material expenses are beyond the capabilities of MCCC. MCCC’s ability to tend to Helping Hands services is limited by available volunteers with timing tending to such services dependent upon the schedules of participating volunteers.

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